Gerrys TransmissionsWhat We Do…

  • Repair automatic transmissions that may just need a bit of tender loving care to bring them back to a great condition.
  • Replace automatic transmissions that have worn out or been damaged beyond repair.
  • Supply Parts – we have a range of spare parts available for your automatic transmission.
  • Provide Servicing for automatic transmissions.  As we say “A small check now is better than a large cheque later!” and isn’t that true? When you take good care of your automatic transmisison by regularly servicing it, it can also save you money from having repairs later on down the track.
  • Offer a Computer Scan Diagnosis for your automatic controlled vehicle.  This helps to find electronic faults in your vehicle.
  • Free Road Test – we will take your vehicle for a free road test to properly diagnose any problems.
  • Free quotes – let us work out the best possible solution for you, at the lowest possible price.

What Type Of Vehicles…

  • Most models of vehicles  – cars, light commercial vans/utes, and some European cars
  • Front and rear wheel drive vehicles
  • Both electronic and non-electronic controlled automatic operated vehicles